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Many rock gyms have classes for kids as young as four, and it’s a super way to spend some time as a family. Sign everyone up for a seminar or training course and get started with the ideal technique and understanding of safety basics.

Individual Achievement

Rock climbing offers kids amazing opportunities for individual achievement, and it’s exciting to master new maneuvers and improve speed, agility and basic climbing moves. It’s a terrific way for children to challenge themselves and overcome fears in a safe, supervised environment. For youngsters who aren’t interested in team sports, rock climbing supplies a more individual athletic pursuit which can also be performed as a group. Because climbing often involves a climber and a belayer, it’s also a social sport.

Mental and Physical Skills

Hanging onto tiny toe holds and moving upward quickly develops strength and agility. Rock climbing isn’t only a physical challenge; it also demands a lot of mental exercise, planning and expecting each move to get to the top. It’s good to look up and scope out a route ahead of time so that you can get in position to make the right moves.

Safety Checks

Always climb safely and be sure your children know the basic safety and courtesy rules at the rock gym. Climbers should always make sure knots are tied properly, their harness is buckled and double-backed and the rope is coated through the connection points of the harness. The belayer needs to be sure the harness is buckled and double-backed, the carabiner is locked and the rope is exiting the belay device tail-side down.

Look Out Below

When you take your kids climbing, it can be helpful to do a little bit of coaching from below. You may suggest where to put hands or feet next, unless you youngster prefers to do everything on his own.

Powers of Observation

Rock gyms are filled with all levels of climber, and a great way for children to improve their own technique is by watching others and making mental notes. By observing and practicing new climbing techniques, kids develop the muscle memory which pushes skills to another level. Also, the more you climb, the greater your balance, rate and forearm strength become.

Saving Strength

Climbers should try and keep weight carried mostly from the legs, using arms for balance and shifting weight. Moves requiring a lot of upper body movement should be accomplished as rapidly as possible to conserve arm strength.

Basic Gear

When your children first start rock climbing, rent equipment in the gym for the first few times to make sure they’re interested to warrant investing in gear of their own. Like all climbers, children should rent shoes for a while till they get to know they type of shoe that suits their climbing style.

From birthday parties to family outings and an afternoon with pals at the rock gym, this remarkable sport is ideal for children of all ages and a fantastic way to keep the children active and off the couch this winter! Join them and you might find yourself addicted to this growing fitness trend.

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