Snow Mobile safety

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There’s nothing that can ruin a potentially fun snowmobile excursion more than a sudden emergency or accident. Taking the appropriate measures and precautions to be safe will make your trip memorable for all the right reasons. Here are some great safety tips to keep in mind.

Stay away from alcohol while on the road. Alcohol will slow your reaction times down and will impair your judgement. Not something you need when going 50+ miles per hour down a narrow trail with trees all around you.

Slow down. Speed is one of the biggest contributors to accidents on the trail. It’s very simple on the powerful machines to get up to speeds that there’s no way you could stop if something unexpected happens. Stick to posted speed limits and you ought to have nothing to be worried about.

Dress appropriately. Under dressing will make your day miserable and the riders you are with unhappy, as you must keep making stops to heat up. Should you dress right for the days temps you should have no problem staying out for hours at a time. Dress in layers so it is not difficult to shed clothing if you do get too hot.

Bring a great first aid kit. In addition to the usual first aid supplies your kit should include compass, knife, flashlight, map and waterproof matches. If you use anything out on the trail, be sure and replace the items as soon as possible.

Stay on marked trails. It is always tempting to drift off the paths and explore, but if you are not familiar with the area, you could get yourself in trouble real fast. Snow does a good job of hiding holes, drop offs and open water, so use your maps and stick to the groomed trail.

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