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What they do not know is that simple fondant decorating is possible for anybody with the perfect information and a small amount of practice.

Easy fondant decorating starts with a perfectly coated cake. When you are learning how to work with fondant, this is the first step you will want to practice. Start with a dense cake, as a fluffy cake can fall under the weight of the thick covering. This coating will help your fondant covered cake seem better by smoothing over any defects in the surface of the cake, and it’ll also assist the last layer stick.

Next, Apopka Rat Removal, assess the cake to know how large your rolled covering will want to be. Make certain to step up one side, across the top, and down the other side, and add an additional inch or so. Sprinkle your work surface along with the fondant with cornstarch, and knead till it becomes soft and pliable.

Dust your rolling pin with cornstarch and roll out the fondant frosting to about 1/8-inch thick and broad enough to fit your measurements to the final fondant covered cake.

Gently roll the frosting on the rolling pin and then move it to the cake. Position the loose border at the bottom edge of the cake with a bit of overhang and slowly unroll on the top. Hold the rolling pin a few inches above the cake as you do this so the covering can gently fall into place. Allow the segments on the sides of the cake drape loosely for today.

Use a gentle buffing movement with very light pressure to find a perfectly smooth surface. The buttercream icing underneath provides a little, so that you can smooth out any lumps and also sculpt subtle details if you are creating a shaped cake.

When the cover of the fondant covered cake is smooth, work your way around the sides as you push the covering to the sides of the cake. Use your hands to smooth the sides and press in any loose stains with your fingertips.

Add Finishing Touches And Repair Mistakes

Get creative to complete your simple fondant decorating and repair any mistakes on your fondant covered cake. Clean up the bottom edge of the sandpaper using a a very simple design of fondant rope, piped buttercream icing, or even fresh flowers.

Learning How To Work With Fondant Requires Practice

Your first attempts at fondant decorating might not turn out and you would like, but with practice you may realize that fondant decorating will get easier. Creating a fondant covered cake is just the start. When you have mastered this first step in how to work with fondant, you will want to try simple sculpted bows, ribbons, flowers, and much more. When you understand how to work with fondant, there is no limit to the simple fondant decorating designs you will have the ability to create.

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